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Our supporters and donors are the Turkish-American community of American Board school and hospital alumni, former faculty and friends residing in the U.S. Together we are committed to the success of progressive education and health care in Turkey.

Our alumni, the graduates of American Collegiate Institute — Izmir, Tarsus American School — Tarsus, Üsküdar American Academy — Istanbul, and Talas American Ortaokul (middle school) — Talas (closed in 1969), are in the forefront of Turkish and American leadership. They are diplomats and members of Parliament. They are journalists, professors, CEO’s, physicians, artists, archeologists, entrepreneurs and musicians. They are heads of families and leaders in the community, both at home and abroad, strengthening Turkey and its role on the global stage.

With the help of its Alumni Relations Committee, FABSIT maintains an informed, engaged community network for these U.S.-based alumni, former faculty and FABSIT friends and works hard to broaden support of its mission among alumni and friends in the USA. The Committee’s professional and personal networking mission within the US is built on the belief that most graduates would like to re-establish a sense of community based on the bonds established in ACI, TAC and ÜAA by finding old friends and meeting new alumni. Programs are in the making to:

  • provide opportunities for alumni to network professionally and personally
  • create a local network of mentors for our recent graduates who come to study in the U.S.
  • organize local gatherings-dinners, picnics, happy hours, black-tie events

To make sure you stay connected, join our email list. If you would like to be involved please email us at office@fabsit.org.

Our teachers, past and present, are professional educators in all disciplines. Over the decades they have represented every region in the United States as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Those who have returned to the U.S. to teach or to retire are many of FABSIT’s most dedicated supporters.