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U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Program (ASHA)

Blake Performing Arts Center at ACI



One of the TAC Campus Upgrades projects:
Renovation and furnishing of new student lounge


USAID’s ASHA program funds projects in education and health care in foreign countries. The grants are available to secondary and post-secondary schools and medical centers. For overseas institutions to be eligible for these funds, they must be secured by a U.S.-based non-profit organization which has met ASHA’s criteria for sound organizational and financial practices. FABSIT has met these criteria and maintains a strong relationship with ASHA. As of October 2015, the organization has been the recipient of over $6.17 million in grants to develop infrastructure projects and programs at the American Board institutions.

“As the American Ambassador to Turkey, I have had ample opportunity to observe the excellent work of FABSIT here. The American Board Schools have produced an impressive array of Turkish leaders in virtually every field. The Hospital continues to serve an urgent need for high quality medical care. We heartily endorse the good work of this foundation.”

Mark R. Parris,
Former U.S. Ambassador to Turkey

The following projects have been funded through FABSIT:


$300,000 Construct Hill Science Center
$400,000 Construct new Naomi G. Foster library/media center
$150,000 Equip and furnish library/media center — reading and study areas, computer, microfiche, and microfilm and audio-visual rooms and offices
$92,850 Equip a videoconferencing center
$200,000 Renovate Blake Multifunctional Facility
$300,000 Campus upgrades: Library computers and furnishings, boys' dorm furnishings, fitness room equipment
$995,000 Campus Upgrades: Renovation of historic Bristol Hall Art and Music Building


$700,000 Construct a new lise and science building (Morgan Hall) and renovate Martin Hall
$92,850 Equip a videoconferencing center
$400,000 Campus upgrades: New physics, biology, and chemistry labs; library renovation; IT classroom furnishings and equipment; fitness room equipment
$249,000 Upgrade of the school’s IT infrastructure with the end goal of the school becoming a 1:1 learning school
$350,000 A customized academic information management system (ERP software) will be developed to track and report all academic information. The software will enable the school to view all educational materials, homework, student progress, and extracurricular activities held within the system.


Campus redevelopment: construction of Maynard Hall to replace Brewer Hall, which once held the teachers’ room, classrooms and playroom; renovation of Friendship and Unity Halls, connecting the buildings and adding a third story to house the library, additional classrooms and the canteen.
Equip and furnish the renovated Friendship-Unity Hall
Equip and furnish new buildings
Campus upgrades, including new sewer system, public address system, landscaping, renovation of kitchen/cafeteria
Construction of superintendent’s and foreign faculty residence, Robeson Hall
Equip a videoconferencing center
Campus upgrades: Replace doors in Unity Building, renovate courtyard and Student Lounge; purchase new teacher and student desks, computers and copying machine for library, musical instruments for music program, and furnishings for Student Lounge.


Funding toward purchase of MRI system
Renovation of B Block building in the SEV American Hospital campus. The building is currently used as the Diabetes Center of the hospital. Diabates education/training is provided within the diabetes program to the patients and individuals with diabetes risk.


Total funding