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Change the Future Now!

By Donating,

  • Give the gift to more students to be the future leaders
  • Give those students the chance to explore their true potential
  • Give those deserving students the opportunity to study at the World’s finest schools
  • Change a child's future today!




Fabsit Foundation and its partner Education and Health Foundation (SEV) give all of us one of the most efficient, transparent and integrated ways, to improve the life of millions.

We do this “One child at a time” and We do this “One patient at a time”. 


FABSIT Foundation (EIN: 22-2789574) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.





Donate to SEV American College


SEV American College opened its doors in September 2014 after a long and thorough planning phase. SAC is the continuation of the Health and Education Foundation's other schools that were established in the mid 1800s. In 1968 the foundation was founded and the high schools were transferred to SEV. In 1997 three elementary schools were founded by SEV to complement the three high schools. Given the need in Turkey for quality high schools, particularly in Istanbul, the foundation had the vision of establishing a high school based on the traditions put into practice at the other three high schools to bring up tomorrow's successful leaders at its new and awarded school campus.


SEV American College and its sister institutions, Üsküdar American Academy, the American Collegiate Institute of İzmir and Tarsus American College, are governed by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV),


In its first year the secondary school employs 27 teachers, 9 of whom are foreign. The school offers a regionally competitive salary and benefits package. Teachers must possess a degree in their teaching field and hold current certification.


SEV American College will join the ranks of the best schools in Turkey in terms of university admissions in Turkey, Europe and America.



American Collegiate
Institute, Izmir

Tarsus American
College, Tarsus

Üsküdar American
Academy, Istanbul

SEV Gaziantep
American Hospital,